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Yi Zhongyuan stainless steel drum
Yi Zhongyuan stainless steel drum

In the production process, it will inevitably be such a problem. Stainless steel drum is no exception, today, Anhui Yi Zhongyuan brush industry Co., Ltd. for everyone to talk about the reasons for the failure of stainless steel drum brake, we hope to help.

1, the pressure is abnormal, such as whether the pump is abnormal, trachea is leaky or blocked.

2, brake brake block is damaged.
3, the drum on both sides of the brake disc is defective.
4, the operation of the brake switch system is faulty, so that poor transmission of brake commands.
5, power transmission system is timely cut off the power.
6, for belt friction brake, should check whether the friction belt is loose or friction factor should be adjusted

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