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Industrial brush manufacturers
Industrial brush manufacturers

Industrial brushes Wide range of applications, according to the specific material to determine the use of brush wire where the place, Anhui Yi Zhongyuan Brush Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of industrial brushes, polishing brush, washing machine brush, welcome to come to the consultation.

For example, like the glass industry, when the need to clean the glass products, industrial brushes must be soft texture, can not cause damage to the glass surface, we choose the most soft texture of nylon made of industrial brushes, to achieve the best Cleaning effect, will not scratch the glass.

Like the machinery manufacturing industry, need to clean some of the steel products, metal products, industrial brushes are not only hard, but also high temperature, corrosion resistance, are generally used in nylon to add special materials, such as adding steel, Hard, easy to damage, but also to achieve the effect of cleaning.

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