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Yi Zhongyuan industrial brush
Yi Zhongyuan industrial brush

   Industrial brushes in almost all walks of life will be involved, there are hardware, glass manufacturing, building materials industry, furniture industry, textile processing industry, wood, metal processing industry and so on. Anhui Yi Zhongyuan brush industry is committed to the production of industrial brush.
Mainly to look at the industrial brush in the wood, furniture industry applications. In general, industrial brushes in wood, furniture industry is mainly used to polished polished, able to get smooth, finishing the surface, to improve the appearance of the product quality and performance has an important role. This type of industrial brush on its brush wire requirements more stringent, that requires toughness and strength is reasonable, but also have a certain anti-static capacity, therefore, most of the choice of nylon brush wire system, wood flooring, furniture and other surface dust , Brush wire without static electricity, so that the dust can be washed out of the dust effectively pumping away, but also a good polished, polished furniture. The main products of the industrial brush polishing brush, sanding machine brush, sealed bristles brush, brushing machine brush, drawing machine brush, etc., can be selected.

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