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Choose different brush wire industrial brush will have no use of the place

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The application of industrial brushes is extensive and almost all of the industrial sectors are applied. But different industries use the industrial brush is different, and the biggest difference is the brush wire, brush wire will lead to the use of different local differences.

Selection of bristles Brush wire industrial brush, flexibility, hardness, and high temperature performance, generally used in the textile industry, to achieve good results.

Selection of horse-like brush brush industrial brush, relatively soft, it will not cause hard damage to things, and its anti-corrosion, and wear-resistant performance is also better. Polishing for leather and so on.

Selection of steel wire industrial brush, texture hard, the main role is to polish and sanding, generally used for some stone processing, such as the marble surface grinding work.

The use of abrasive silk industrial brush, both toughness and softness in one, mainly for the hardware industry, the metal material for cleaning rust, deburring, or lighting treatment, both to get a smooth surface, and will not Scratched.

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