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Yi Zhongyuan brush industry for everyone to introduce the classification and manufacture of environmental protection brush

Edit:Anhui Yi Zhongyuan Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-21

According to the use of the occasion can also be a specific division, for example, in the construction site, to use the brush wire material must be hard, sanitation brush is made of steel wire, the hardness is better; for the removal of snow, , It is made of polypropylene and a flexible steel wire mixture, will not damage the road and can remove the snow; used to clean the dirt and garbage on the road of the sanitation brush, then use nylon, PP, wire And other materials can be made to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Making the sanitation brush is very simple, in the cutting of a good disc on the disc into the angle of drilling, and then use a flat wire or PP brush wire, nylon wire can be folded after the fold, the brush installed in the municipal sanitation car or sweeper Used to clean the streets \ sweep snow and so on.

Among them, usually installed in the municipal sanitation vehicles used to clean the streets of the disc brush or sweep the streets of the wire type disc brush is the most representative of the sanitation brush. There are many types of swirling brush, they have sweeping machine roller brush, tablet-type roller combination sweeping brush, drum sweeping machine brush, sweeping machine brush, box sweep brush, round sweep brush, sewage treatment brush, wash Ground machine brush, computer washing machine brush, etc., these sanitation brush for the environment to do a great contribution. Sanitation car disc sweeping brush, made of high-strength plastic brush wire system used to clean the ground dirt, etc .; washing machine with roller brush. These different types of sanitation brush, all in different positions for the environment to make their own contribution.

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