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Yi Zhongyuan brush industry is committed to the production of brush roll

Edit:Anhui Yi Zhongyuan Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-21

Brush roll Applicable to the industry a lot, today is committed to the production of brush roller brush roller manufacturers - Anhui Yi Zhongyuan brush industry Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the applicable brush for the industry information, I hope you will like.

Glass and ceramic industry, glass cleaning machine brush roller, sponge suction roller, rubber roller, nylon gear, aluminum seat, polished machine brush, ceramic press disc brush, press brush roller, glaze line disc brush, dust Machine brush. Room dust removal hand sweep. In addition to powder machine brush roll .

Food processing industry: food cleaning brush roll, fruit waxing washing machine brush roll, hair washing machine brush roller, peeled machine brush roll, spiral brush roller, brush roller, brush, packaging machine brush and various types Shaped food machinery brush.

Polishing cleaning industry: all kinds of sheet metal polishing with bristles brush, sisal, cotton wheel, cotton cloth, wool wheel, horse round, pig mane round, wire wheel, sanding machine brush roll, dust brush roll, sweep Road box brush, disc brush, round branch brush, brush, washing machine disc brush, roller brush.

Metal processing industry: cold-rolled galvanized line cleaning brush roller, pickling line brush roller, color coated wire brush roll, skim brush brush, aluminum, stainless steel plate cleaning line brush roller, coating production line brush roller , Straightening brush brush, polishing production line brush roller, combination brush roller, combination of light brush, abrasive wire winding brush roller, spring brush roller, wire brush roller. Shot blasting machine combination brush roll.

Above, is Anhui Yi Zhongyuan Brush Co., Ltd. for everyone to introduce the brush brush industry knowledge, we hope to help. Anhui Yi Zhongyuan brush industry is committed to the production of high quality brush roll, welcome customers to come to the Advisory!


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