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Spring brush features
Spring brush features

Spring brush is an important branch of industrial brushes, Anhui Yi Zhongyuan Brush Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of spring brush, brush roller, bar brush and other industrial brushes, Yi Zhongyuan brush industry for everyone to introduce the spring brush.

1, the spring brush is the brush wire embedded in the galvanized iron bar or stainless steel bar, through the machine wrapped into a spring shape, and the formation of a new variety of brush roll. This technique is the introduction of a new foreign brush roll practice.
2, the spring brush in the shape is divided into within the type of spring brush and outside the spring brush.
3, the spring brush roller is in a seamless circular shaft with this winding way to maintain a good density spot welding on the circular axis to form a high density of the brush today and is not easy to remove the wire spring brush roll (also known as Winding brush roll).

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